Mellissae Lucia is an artist and adventurer, having spent two decades immersed in Norse, African, and Native American sacred traditions, cross-cultural divination, indigenous dream work, and archetypal psychology.

Mellissae's work continues the tradition of women artists who have used their own bodies as the primary vessels for their artistic expression. Ana Mendieta, Cindy Sherman, Hannah Wilke, and Francesca Woodman are all artists who used photographic self-portraiture to examine identity, relationship, and transformation through the camera lens.

In 2008, Mellissae published her first photographic self-portraiture series, Earthen Body. In 2010, she published the premiere limited edition of Oracle of Initiation divination decks. In 2012, a documentary film called Painted in the Desert on Mellissae's journey was produced by MK Barr. In 2014 the Tarot-sized open-edition of the Oracle deck was produced from the Indiegogo Crowdfunding campaign.

Mellissae has taught a variety of workshops on creativity and spiritual transformation, including The Art of Change: A Women's Retreat with Horses; and Illuminating our Temples: Women's Journeys into their Sacred Inner Landscapes. In 2014 through her Indiegogo Crowdfunding campaign the open-edition Tarot-sized Oracle deck was released.

She offers divination readings and Spiritual Initiation Counseling with the Oracle; and sells The Oracle of Initiation decks on her website here.

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